The Calgary Parking Authority believes in this community and is focused on trying to make it better for Calgarians every single day.


The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is a City entity governed by a Committee of Council; we manage publicly owned on-and off-street parking facilities on behalf of The City of Calgary using best-in-class technology that we developed right here, in house.

The CPA manages the administration of the Residential Parking Permit program, municipal parking enforcement and the municipal Impound Lot. We also provide expert advice about parking and enforcement to businesses, community groups, The City and the provincial government.

Over the years the CPA has positioned itself as a leader in parking technology and innovation, and our products and enforcement services are used by municipalities, organizations and businesses, to help them manage their parking resources and better serve their customers.


2018 was a year of innovation and opportunity for the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) but it was not without its challenges. Calgary’s economy continued to struggle and to impact the CPA through a decrease in parking demand coinciding with a high office vacancy rate and reduced employment in downtown Calgary. Fortunately we have a loyal customer base and continue to offer very competitive off-street parking rates, which allowed us to return approximately $20.8M to The City, the second highest annual return in our 50-year history.

In terms of growth, we broke ground on the 9th Avenue Parkade in East Village with our partners the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and Platform. When complete, this facility will be a first for Calgary. Not only will it be home to an innovation centre, it will also be convertible into commercial or residential space in the future, if required. I am excited that our organization has the courage to be part of something new, a different spin on the traditional stand-alone parking structures that are common in our industry.

We have a finite inventory of parking but are always looking at how we can work with other businesses and venues throughout our city to support their parking needs. We believe we offer value to businesses through the ParkPlus System by making their paid parking operations efficient, profitable, and easy for their customers to use.

We also value the feedback we receive from our customers and continue to focus our efforts on their suggestions. The results of our 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey reflect this commitment as customers gave us higher satisfaction scores in a number of service areas. We saw an increase from 2017 in satisfaction with the quality of our services, value for money, safety and cleanliness of our surface lots and parkades and also in satisfaction of customers who use our ParkPlus cell phone account.

In 2018 we also built our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, which will guide our organization in the coming years. Our strategic priorities include planning for the future, innovating to improve, and meeting the parking needs in the communities we serve. We look forward to continuing to provide Calgarians with the service they expect from a parking provider and working with businesses to strengthen our economy in 2019 and beyond.

Glen Furtado

General Manager




CPA was established in 1968 to provide public parking, and in 1994 the CPA took over parking enforcement from the Calgary Police Service.


The CPA is not tax-payer funded. In fact, in the past five years, the CPA has returned more than $132M in revenue and taxes to The City.


The CPA is one of many parking operators in Calgary and we only operate approximately 14% of the off-street parking inventory. The rates in our lots are evaluated annually and may be changed based on occupancy and comparative rate data in the immediate vicinity for the same product. Private parking providers set their own rates.


The revenue we remit to The City goes towards funding projects like recreation centres, pathways and libraries.



2018 Successes



ParkPlus Clients


ParkPlus Clients

Riverwalk Parkade
The CPA manages the parking operations, enforcement and management of monthly contracts at East Village’s newest parkade, which opened in 2018. The Riverwalk Parkade is a 104-stall facility within the newly constructed Alt Hotel.

Fort Calgary
The CPA is excited to provide parking and enforcement services for Fort Calgary’s 143-stall surface lot. Situated at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Fort Calgary is the birthplace of the City of Calgary and the site of the original North West Mounted Police fort. We are very proud to support Fort Calgary with their parking needs.

Macleod Professional Centre
To help manage the limited supply of parking at this high-traffic location and enhance the parking experience for customers and clients, we worked with the building owner, Opus Corporation, to install the ParkPlus System at this site.

50th Anniversary


50th Anniversary

CPA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. The year marked 50 years since CPA’s inaugural year of operation in 1968. That’s 50 years of providing parking services to Calgary. CPA looks forward to many more years of servicing the city of Calgary.


9th Avenue Parkade

In December 2018, Calgary Parking Authority, along with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and Platform, broke ground on Calgary’s most innovative parkade. The space will host parking, accommodate various other modes of transport like bicycles, and be home to an innovation centre. Anticipating a less car dependent age, the parkade will be able to transform into office or living space in the future.

Platform Calgary
INCREASED  Event Rentals


Event Rentals

2018 saw an increase in event rentals in CPA locations. The CPA rented space for 65 events, 12 more than last year. This generated more than $140,000 in revenue, a 30 per cent increase from 2017. CPA rented out space to some amazing events such as Beakerhead, the Central Library Grand Opening weekend, parade staging, food trucks and more. If you need space for an event keep us in mind.

Calgary Parking Authority Event Rentals
CREATED - 2019-2022 Strategic Plan


2019-2022 Strategic Plan

CPA created its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan in 2018 to guide the organization in the coming years. The plan saw a change in the CPA’s mission, vision and values along with a reconfiguration of its strategic priorities. In the next few years, CPA will be focused on planning for the future, innovating to improve and meeting parking needs of the communities it serves. You can read the full strategic plan here.

RETURNED – Money to The City


Money to The City

This year, CPA returned $2.2 million more to The City of Calgary than budgeted, for a grand total of $20.8 million. Through innovation and cost efficiency, CPA was able to contribute more to Calgary and Calgarians.



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  • The app works great and is convenient for quickly paying with my phone.
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Of Customer Satisfaction Survey respondents agree that the quality of service from the Calgary Parking Authority is consistently high.
Of Customer Satisfaction Survey respondents agree that the quality of service from the Calgary Parking Authority is consistently high.


Are very or somewhat satisfied with their overall experience in CPA parkades


Are very or somewhat satisfied with their overall experience in CPA surface lots


Agree that CPA provides innovative technology-based solutions for its customers


Agree that CPA staff are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable
Customer Satisfaction Survey




Our major expenditures primarily consist of operating expenses related to parking enforcement, parkades, impound lots, surface lots, as well as capital reinvestment and distribution to The City.


Parking Enforcement Operating Expenses
Parkade Operating Expenses
Impound Lot Operating Expenses
Capital Reinvestment
Distribution to City
On-Street Parking, Permits and Administration
Surface Lots
Parking Enforcement Operating Expenses - $13,296,601
Parkade Operating Expenses - $14,788,112
Impound Lot Operating Expenses - $9,456,071
Surface Lots - $4,134,410
On-Street Parking Permits and Administration - $1,745,042
Distribution to City - $26,023,311
Capital Reinvestment - $6,777,413


The CPA is not tax-payer supported. Revenue is generated through parking fees, parking fines and Impound Lot charges.


Parking Enforcement Operating Expenses
Parkade Operating Expenses
Impound Lot Operating Expenses
Capital Reinvestment
Distribution to City
On-Street Parking, Permits and Administration
Surface Lots
Parking Enforcement Services - $19,399,872
Impound Lot - $12,539,189
On-Street Parking - $16,357,671
Parkades - $25,977,890
Surface Lots - $7,160,270
Administration & General - $1,262,270
Investment Income - $4,594,891

Revenue Over 5 Years
(In Millions)

Impound Lot
Parking Enforcement
Parking Operations
Revenue Over 5 Years




The Committee is committed to helping the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) achieve success through guidance, high-level strategic planning and direction to help ensure the CPA continues to provide exceptional parking experiences and value to Calgarians, The City and its other stakeholders.

2018 was a successful year for the CPA. During a period of lower parking demand and prices, the CPA was able to return $2.2 million more than budgeted to The City through unique innovations and a focus on cost efficiencies from within the organization while not compromising our commitment to excellent customer service.

With the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan for CPA guiding the organization into the coming years, CPA will be focused on sustainable management of our parking resources, finding innovative ways to optimize the economic and social benefit it provides to the community, and ensuring it meets the parking needs for Calgarians. 

On behalf of the Committee, I thank the staff and leadership of the CPA for a successful 2018 and look forward to an exciting 2019!

John Pantazopoulos


Charmaine Coutinho

Charmaine Coutinho


Andrew Osis

Andrew Osis

Vice Chair

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

GM Transportation

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davison


Sean Chu

Sean Chu


Shahid Qureshi

Shahid Qureshi


Ellen Chidley

Ellen Chidley

John Kwong

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  • 39,716

    ParkPlus account sign-ups


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Glen Furtado

General Manager

Glen joined the Calgary Parking Authority in 2018. Glen brings a wealth of experience to the CPA as an engineer with over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Glen values collaborative teams, positive work environments, and a customer-centric approach, with a focus on delivering thoughtful, effective and innovative customer solutions. As General Manager, Glen reports directly to the CPA Committee and City Council.

Dale Wannamaker

Manager, Operations & Facilities

Dale manages the department responsible for the parking operations, facilities development and maintenance, and planning and marketing for all on- and off-street parking at CPA. His team is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of all physical assets, maximizing use of all parking facilities and ensuring CPA provides first-rate parking experiences for all customers.

Alex Paredes

Manager, IT & Technical Services

Alex and his team oversee the various systems and programs used by the CPA to operate the ParkPlus System and provide technical services to the CPA as an organization. They are also responsible for servicing the ParkPlus pay machines and assist in maintaining CPA's security and parking guidance systems so all customers are able to park safely and efficiently.

Shelley Trigg

Shelley Trigg

Manager, Communications & Customer Service

Shelley has worked at the CPA since 2004 and oversees the customer service team who provide front-line support for monthly contract customers, ParkPlus customers and Calgary residents who require Residential Parking Permits. Her communications team also handles media and social media relations, internal and external communications and website support.

Kathy Lidbury

Manager, Human Resources

Kathy joined the CPA in 2013. The people behind CPA are what Kathy and her team are passionate about. Her role involves supporting management and employees in any human resources related duties. Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining HR policies, recruitment, employee benefits, employee training, and wellness programs.

Joan Hay

Manager, Enforcement

Joan has worked with the CPA since 2010, initially as the Senior Enforcement Officer and now as the Manager of Enforcement. The Enforcement department enforces parking regulations on behalf of The City of Calgary and includes the areas of the customer solutions centre, administrative reviews, the issuance of tickets via the CPA’s automated enforcement system and the municipal Impound Lot.

Kurt McCaw

Manager, Parking Solutions

As the Manager of Parking Solutions, Kurt is responsible for all growth initiatives related to the commercialization of the ParkPlus System. CPA is expanding its services both locally and nationally with the guidance of Kurt and his team. The ParkPlus System is currently operational in several Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon.

Jared Foulds

Controller/Manager, Financial Services

Jared joined the CPA in 2018. His position involves finalizing the budgets, monthly reports, year-end reports and financial statements. Jared and his team ensure CPA runs efficiently so it can ultimately return money to The City to reinvest in Calgary. Jared's Financial Services team assists in key areas of business management, budget management, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting and revenue objectives.



At CPA, our vision is to become a leader in community involvement so that we can make Calgary better every day.



Our CPA Gives Committee is made up of volunteer staff members who organize fundraising events and initiatives with a focus on nine charities that were chosen for 2018 based on input from our staff. These charities were:
The CPA Gives Committee organized 40 fundraisers throughout the year. The goal was to raise $20,000 for these nine charities. In total, CPA Gives reached its goal and then some by raising $24,722 for these nine deserving charities; over 243 hours were contributed by our staff volunteers.



AB Childrens Hospital

Alberta Children’s Hospital Donation

When CPA staff clean vehicles to be auctioned or recycled, sometimes they find Canadian Tire money. This is collected and brought to the Canadian Tire in Southland, where the manager of the location matches the money with a cash donation. With this combined money, CPA purchases toys and donates them to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Customer Appreciation Days

The two-week long celebration that is the CPA’s Customer Appreciation Days was held in May and June of 2018. CPA staff gave away prizes and free food and drinks to parkade and surface lot patrons. The goal of Customer Appreciation Days is to thank those customers for parking with CPA, and the event has been executed annually for over 15 years.


ParkPlus Donate Zones

CPA customers can support the Calgary Food Bank and Calgary Homeless Foundation at any ParkPlus pay machine or through their ParkPlus cell phone account. Enter zone 3663 (FOOD) to give money to the Food Bank and zone 4663 (HOME) to donate to the Homeless Foundation. One hundred per cent of the money donated goes directly to the organization they’ve chosen to support.

AMA School Safety

AMA School Safety Patrol

CPA was a sponsor of the annual AMA School Safety Patrol Appreciation Day Picnic, which brings together more than 7000 student cross walk patrollers from across the city to thank them for their year of hard work.

Stampede Breakfast

CPA Stampede Breakfast

CPA held its fourth annual free Stampede Breakfast and welcomed 1,850 attendees. The organization was again impressed by the generosity of guests who donated to the Calgary Homeless Foundation at this event. The CPA Cow Photo Contest was also held, which asked for photo submissions of the iconic giveaways enjoying some Stampede fun. Ten lucky winners each received a $100 ParkPlus credit for their creativity.

Yahoo Crew

Yahoo Crew

For the third year, CPA staff volunteers formed the Yahoo Crew and suited up in inflatable horse costumes to roam the streets of downtown Calgary, giving away free parking sessions during Stampede week.

Parking Elves

Holiday Parking Elves

Parking elves were out again this year spreading cheer during the holiday season! In December the CPA elves went to Kensington Village, 4th Street SW, Inglewood and 17th Avenue to spread the spirit of the holidays by giving away over 200 free parking sessions.

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for Kids

For the seventh year in a row, CPA donated 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to the Calgary Board of Education’s Backpacks for Kids program. This important program helps ensure kids have the basic school supplies they need each year.

Charity Carnival

Charity Carnival

The Charity Carnival is hosted annually to raise money with CPA Gives for the year’s selected charities. This year’s carnival marked a special occasion, as 2018 was CPA’s 50th Anniversary. The Charity Carnival was the perfect way to celebrate this with games, food, and even a cake. All of the proceeds went to charity.

Child Safety Awareness

Child Safety Awareness

People often don’t realize how quickly a parked car can get dangerously hot during warm weather, and they’ll leave their children and pets in the car while they run into a store. Using social media as a means of communication, CPA shared the Child Safety Awareness Campaign, in partnership with Calgary Police Service, Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services, and Calgary Humane Society to remind citizens to never leave kids and pets in a hot car.

Veteran Parking

Veterans Parking Program

CPA is proud to recognize veterans for their contributions to creating our great city; veterans (lower case) are offered $10 monthly parking credits through the Veterans’ Parking Program. We also provide free parking to veterans on Remembrance Day to help recognize their valued service.

Day of Giving

Day of Giving

Many CPA employees give back to their local communities by volunteering with charitable organizations and CPA wants to support their efforts. The Day of Giving offers one paid day off per year to volunteer with a charitable organization of the employee’s choice. In 2018, CPA staff volunteered over 243 hours as part of this program.

ParkSafe School Bus Zone

Park Safe Campaign

This campaign reminds motorists of the most common parking issues that occur in and around schools and playground zones so they can understand their impact and avoid them.