Our major expenditures primarily consist of salary and wages, municipal taxes, maintenance, towing charges, utilities, fuel and information technology costs.


The CPA is not tax-payer supported. Revenue is generated through parking fees, parking fines and impound lot charges. The impound lot is operated on a break-even basis as directed by City Council.

Revenue Over Time

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2015 Successes

This year was a big one for our company. Learn more about what we accomplished over the past twelve months.

Marketing of ParkPlus SystemGetParkPlus

The ParkPlus System has hit the market and we’re excited to bring this awesome piece of technology to the masses. The marketing and sales side of ParkPlus is driven by a specialized team of overachievers – want to learn more?

Enforcement Transition Focus on customer service

We brought more than 200 enforcement positions in-house to streamline our services and ensure we’re delivering the best possible value to the city.

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Android AppMyParking App

Our customers asked – so we delivered. We rolled out an enhanced version of the MyParking app for Android users. These customers were the first to try out the new account management capabilities which included the ability to top-up their account on the fly.
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In July we hosted our first ever Stampede Pancake Breakfast and wow – were those flap jacks ever good. Join us next year for another round!

Adding parking supplyEast Village Parking
The East Village is booming. More and more people are living in the area and visiting the great attractions that make it unique. To support this growth we’ve opened two new parking lots which provide an additional 83 stalls to the neighbourhood.

Increased SafetyEmergency Phones in Surface Lots

Safety is very important to us. In keeping with this, we piloted an emergency phone program in three of our surface lots this year. These solar powered assistance phones are operational 24 hours a day and can be used by absolutely anyone in need. We feel that they are so important to have that we will be installing 32 more next year; one in each of our surface lots for a total of 35.

Edmonton Launch EPark

In October, the city of Edmonton officially launched their new parking management system EPark which is powered by the ParkPlus System.

Safety Audit and earned credential
We earned a Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Alberta and WCB for developing and implementing an occupational health and safety program that met the standard outlined by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program. This achievement sets us apart as it is a recognized province-wide standard.

Saskatoon Launch
Saskatoon was looking to upgrade their existing parking system and came to us for a solution. They’re now using a portion of the ParkPlus System and we also developed and built an enforcement tool tailored to their specific needs.

Building a Better Calgary

The revenue we remit to The City goes towards funding projects like recreation centres, pathways and libraries.

The CPA is not tax-payer funded. In fact, in the past 5 years, the CPA has returned more than $135M in revenue and taxes to The City.

The municipal impound lot is operated on a break-even basis.

Customer Experience


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@nenshi did you know @CalgaryParking staff are equally as friendly in person as they are on twitter? Great meeting as I paid ticket #yyc Brangwyn
@yyctransport sure love the Park Plus system. So convenient. Andrew Buzinsky
This is amazing! Great to see @CalgaryParking spreading a little holiday cheer! #yyc Dustin Westling CSEP

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team Mike Derbyshire Mike joined the CPA in March of 2015 as the General Manager. Mike's career progression has provided him with a wealth of leadership experience in different organizations and allowed him to hone his executive management skills. Mike has a B.PA from Athabasca University, is a Canadian Risk Manager and a ICD certified corporate director. Mike is keenly focused on customer service and continuous improvement and is excited to be a part of a dynamic, world class team.

Leadership Team Wendy Haidey Wendy has financial expertise in operational and capital budgets and provides financial knowledge in major capital developments and projects. Her Financial Services team assists in key areas of business management, budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and revenue objectives.

Leadership Team Dean Bell Dean is currently responsible for the parking operations, facilities development and maintenance, planning and marketing for all on- and off-street parking at CPA. His team is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of all physical assets, maximizing use of all parking facilities and ensuring our facilities are top-notch for our customers.

Leadership Team Kurt McCaw Kurt and his team oversee the various systems and programs used by the CPA to operate the ParkPlus System. They also provide direct pay machine support and are responsible for servicing the ParkPlus pay machines and assist in maintaining CPA's security and parking guidance systems.

Leadership Team Shelley Trigg Shelley has worked at the CPA since 2004 and currently oversees the customer service and communications team who are responsible for providing front-line support for monthly contract customers, ParkPlus customers and administering the residential parking permit program. Her team also handles media and social media relations, internal and external communications, website support and community relations.

Leadership Team Kathy Lidbury Kathy joined the CPA in 2013 in the newly created role of Human Resources Coordinator, which involves supporting management and employees in any human resources related duties. Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining HR policies, recruitment, employee benefits, employee training, safety and wellness programs.

Leadership Team Dominic Barbario Dominic joined the CPA in January 2015 as the Manager of Parking Enforcement. Dominic came to the CPA from the Calgary Police Service where he retired at the rank of Sergeant after a distinguished career spanning 34 years and a number of work areas. Dominic spent approximately half his career in the field of Traffic Enforcement and Investigations, so he brings a wealth of related experience to our Enforcement Department.

Leadership Team Joan Hay Joan heads up the Enforcement Support department which includes the areas of the customer solutions centre, appeals, the issuance of tickets via our automated enforcement system and the municipal impound lot. In addition to overseeing these service areas, she is also heavily involved in special projects and policy development.

Leadership Team Richard Simpson Richard leads the Sales and Marketing team responsible for selling and implementing the ParkPlus System. He brings a wealth of experience in relationship building and sales, both critical pieces to our success in moving our homegrown technology forward as a product of choice. To find out more about the marketing of the ParkPlus System go to

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alberta Children’s Hospital Toys for Kids

Throughout the year we gather Canadian Tire money left in vehicles at the impound lot that are destined for recycling or auction. This money is matched by a local Canadian Tire store, and then we buy as many toys as possible and take them to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in December. This year we were able to purchase nearly $1300 worth of gifts!

Parking for Veterans Veteran’s Parking Program

Veterans are near and dear to us, so we do what we can to thank them for their service. We offer $10 monthly parking credits to veterans through our Veteran’s Parking Program and provide free parking for vets on Remembrance Day.

Calgary’s Road Home Food Bank & Calgary Homeless Foundation

Support the Calgary Food Bank and Calgary Homeless Foundation at any ParkPlus pay machine. Instead of entering the zone number you’re parked in, enter zone 3663 (FOOD) to give money to the Food Bank and zone 4663 (HOME) to donate to the Homeless Foundation. One hundred per cent of the proceeds go directly to the organization you’ve chosen to support.

Backpacks for Kids 100 Backpacks

Back to school can be a fun time of year for kids, but it can also be stressful if you don’t have what you need. We love this campaign and again this year our amazing staff stuffed 100 backpacks full of school supplies, so whoever gets them is ready on that first day back in September.

United Way Over $11,000 Raised by Staff

Our staff made an extraordinary push this year for the United Way and raised over $11,000! The CPA received special recognition as well as an award for the most employee participation in an area that has 10-200 employees. Way to go!

GlobalFest Boys and Girls Club

We love fireworks but not as much as we love kids. Each year, on top of the patrolling service our enforcement officers provide, we give all of the entry tickets we receive from our sponsorship packages to the Boys and Girls Club. This way, the firework shows are enjoyed by children and families who wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to attend.

Child Safety Awareness Campaign Never Leave a Child in a Parked Car

People often don’t realize how hot a parked car can get in the summer time, and they’ll leave their children buckled in while they run a quick errand. Heatstroke can be deadly so we spearheaded this campaign and teamed up with the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services for the second annual Child Safety Awareness Campaign. Never leave a child in a parked car – not even for a minute.

Park Safe Campaign Keeping Children Safe

Keeping children safe while at school starts before they walk onto the school’s property. This campaign reminds parents and motorists about the most common parking faux-pas that happen in school zones so they can avoid them. In addition to the Park Safe Campaign, we also support the AMA School Patrollers Picnic which brings together 7000 student cross walk patrollers from across the city for one big celebration.

Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign Supporting Accessibility

Accessible parking is something we take seriously because we believe there should be a place to park for everyone. November is accessible parking awareness month and we take to social media to spread information and reminders as far and as frequently as possible. We also, unfortunately, provide education via enforcement and in 2015 there were 3747 accessibility related tickets issued – which is an 18 per cent reduction from 2014.

Extend Your Stay Leave your car with us over night

Stay safe. On Friday and Saturday nights when you park with us you can leave your car with us over night. Just pick it up before 10am the next day and all is good. We want our customers to have fun, but we also want them to get home in one piece.

Doors Open YYC Giving Calgarians a Backstage Pass

We packed up a ParkPlus camera car and parked it in the municipal building for two days of fun for the public. Doors Open YYC is a neat opportunity to let the general public behind closed doors to learn more about what we do and how our technology works.

$5 Fridays Making Friday’s Even Better

We want to make Fridays even better than they already are. Come kick-off the weekend with $5 parking in 5 of our parkades when you enter after 11am. This promotion has been wildly popular this year with 33,400 activations started in the past 12 months.

$5 Summer Lunch Special Coming Downtown for Lunch Made Easy

Summer time in Calgary is amazing and this city is chalk full of excellent places to enjoy lunch with your friends or colleagues. To help you out, we came up with this promotion so you could easily squeeze in a quick lunch downtown if you have to commute in. The only catch – you have to use the ParkPlus cell phone account to get the deal but that’s no biggie considering how easy and convenient it is.

Holiday Elves Campaign Find an Elf, Get Free Parking

What’s better than free parking over the holiday season? How about getting free parking from a holiday elf!? In December we send the elves to Kensington Village and 4th Street SW to spread the spirit of the holiday through giving.

Mayor’s Environment Expo Helping Students Become Environmental Leaders

When we were asked if we could somehow support the Mayor’s Environment Expo we immediately said ‘YES’! We provided a $12,000 donation that helped gather students and families from across the city to learn more about the environment, what actions they can take to help protect it and to encourage sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Facilities Sustainable Technology and Parking Options

We’re upgrading our facilities so they leave a smaller environmental footprint. Our lights have been transitioned to LED, our systems are more efficient and we’ve installed secured bike cages and electric vehicle charging stations.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles Hybrid Technology

More and more of our fleet vehicles are being replaced with hybrid technology vehicles to increase fuel economy and reduce the amount of emissions we release into the environment. You can’t go wrong with that.

Community Clean-up Annual River & Pathway Clean-up

With garbage bags, gloves and smiles we made our way to the Bow River for Calgary’s annual river and pathway clean-up. We’re a part of this community and want to help keep it clean so everyone can enjoy it.

Focus on Safety Promoting a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

We have established a comprehensive safety program that promotes a safe and healthy working environment across departments. This work is supported by a dedicated safety committee comprised of staff members from across the organization.

Professional Development Training Our Staff

Our employees are the backbone of our success. It is absolutely critical that our staff are well trained and have competencies and abilities to take on new roles in the company.

Recognition Program Earn & Give Kudo’s Now

At the CPA, we believe in the culture of ‘thank you’. We say it often and we mean it. In 2015 we launched a peer-to-peer recognition program that runs off a social media related platform to ensure the thanking wasn’t just coming from a top-down approach. Each of our team members have access to the program on their computers and phones and they are able to send kudos to whomever they want.