We saw a lot of exciting things happen at the CPA in 2017. Learn more about what we achieved this year.

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CPA conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey each year. Check out some of the 2017 highlights.

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View the breakdown of our 2017 revenue and expenditures.

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At CPA, our vision is to become a leader in community involvement so that we can make Calgary better every day.

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Shelley Trigg

Acting General Manager

Message from the General Manager

2017 has been a year of change at the Calgary Parking Authority. The launch of the new Residential Parking Permit program was an exciting highlight, making the process of applying for, and managing, residential parking permits faster, easier and more flexible for residents.

We also recognized the changing needs and external pressures facing our parking facilities and made, and continue to make, improvements to enhance our customer’s experience. In our Customer Satisfaction Survey last year, we heard concerns around safety challenges in our facilities and we took immediate action. We’ve increased patrols and are locking down targeted parkades overnight. In 2018, we will also address other areas of improvement identified in our customer survey, including enhancing the MyParking app.

Our focus as we move through 2018 continues to be working with Calgarians to provide education around parking bylaws so that we achieve compliance, which remains our goal. We are committed to improving the services we provide and working with citizens to help make Calgary an even better place to be.

Shelley Trigg,
Acting General Manager

The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is a proud partner of The City of Calgary and is committed to managing publicly owned on- and off-street parking facilities on The City’s behalf using leading-edge technology.

The CPA also manages the administration of the Residential Parking Permit program, municipal parking enforcement and the municipal Impound Lot and provides expert advice about parking and enforcement to businesses, community groups, The City and the provincial government.

We are a proud partner
of The City of Calgary
Committed to managing
publicly-owned parking

Did You Know?

CPA was established in 1968

CPA was established in 1968 to provide public parking, and in 1994 the CPA took over parking enforcement from the Calgary Police Service.

The CPA is not tax-payer funded.

The CPA is not tax-payer funded. In fact, in the past five years, the CPA has returned more than $135M in revenue and taxes to The City.

CPA Helps The City Fund Projects

The revenue we remit to The City goes towards funding projects like recreation centres, pathways and libraries.

CPA Does Not Set Calgary’s Parking Prices

The CPA is one of many parking operators in Calgary and we only operate 14% of the off-street parking inventory. On-street parking prices are based on demand and adjusted annually.

Helping Build a Better Calgary

2017 Successes

We saw a lot of exciting things happen at the CPA in 2017.
Learn more about what we achieved this year.


Digital Residential Parking Permit System

Starting August 1, 2017, residential parking zones began to transition to the new online Residential Parking Permit (RPP) system as zones came up for renewal. The move to digital permits provides numerous benefits for residents, including a two-year permit, a streamlined application and renewal process, the elimination of lost or stolen permits and more effective enforcement of Residential Parking Zones.

Sylvan Lake

Permit System

The Town of Sylvan Lake introduced a visitor pay parking program in 2017 and selected the Calgary Parking Authority’s online permit system to manage resident parking registration. This system launched in May.


ParkPlus Pay Machines

The CPA began the installation of more than 500 new ParkPlus pay machines on-street. The new machines have enhanced color screens and are solar powered.


Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op chose to have the Calgary Parking Authority operate its customer parking lot beginning in June. The convenience of the ParkPlus System is now in place at MEC.


Event Rentals

The CPA offers over 2.5 million square feet of indoor and outdoor space that can be rented for all kinds of events. In 2017, we had over 50 event rentals including renting space for community and charity events, parade staging, training, movie filming and construction.

Customer Experience

Of Customer Satisfaction Survey respondents agree that the quality of service from the Calgary Parking Authority is consistently high.

Are very or somewhat satisfied with their overall experience in CPA parkades

Are very or somewhat satisfied with their overall experience in CPA surface lots

Agree that CPA provides innovative technology-based solutions for its customers

Agree that CPA staff are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable



Our major expenditures primarily consist of salary and wages, municipal taxes, maintenance, towing charges, utilities, fuel and information technology costs.

Total: $84 million


The CPA is not tax-payer supported. Revenue is generated through parking fees, parking fines and Impound Lot charges.

Total: $84 million


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CPA Committee

Fred Clemens



The Committee is committed to helping the CPA achieve success through guidance, high-level strategic planning and direction to help ensure CPA administration continues to provide exceptional parking experiences and value to Calgarians, The City and its other stakeholders.

2017 was a year full of creativity, resourcefulness and exciting changes. Downtown Calgary continued to experience high vacancy rates and fewer commuters driving, and therefore parking, in the core. The CPA continues to work diligently to maintain the return provided to The City of Calgary in this challenging climate by finding cost efficiencies and creative new revenue sources.

One innovative program that the CPA highlighted in 2017 to generate new revenue was to offer its parkades and surface lots as event space. Stampede rentals, movie shoots and a bike swap are just some of the events that were booked in CPA facilities last year.

The CPA also continues to look forward and actively prepare for a shift in parking demand. In January of 2018, along with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and Platform, the CPA announced a plan for Calgary’s most innovative parkade. This facility provides for all modes of transportation including pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles, incorporates an Innovation Centre for a truly mixed-use development and is designed to allow for conversion of the space into commercial or residential use in the future.

The year ahead is set to be another thrilling one for the CPA.

Fred Clemens,



Jeff Davison



Ellen Chidley

Eric Sawyer


Michael Thompson

GM Transportation

Sean Chu


John Pantazopoulos


parking transactions


on-street stalls


digital permits issued


Residential Parking Zones fully transitioned online

Leadership Team

Shelley Trigg

Acting General Manager

Shelley has worked at the CPA since 2004 and is currently utilizing her wealth of experience as the Acting General Manager of the organization. In her previous role as Manager of Communications and Customer Service at the CPA, Shelley oversaw the customer service and communications team. Shelley continues to bring a focus of excellent customer service to the CPA.

Reachel Knight

Manager, Facilities

Reachel is responsible for the parking operations, facilities development and maintenance, and planning and marketing for all on- and off-street parking at CPA. Her team is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of all physical assets, maximizing use of all parking facilities and ensuring our facilities are top-notch for our customers.

Kurt McCaw

Manager, IT and Technical Services

Kurt and his team oversee the various systems and programs used by the CPA to operate the ParkPlus System. They also provide direct pay machine support and are responsible for servicing the ParkPlus pay machines and assist in maintaining CPA’s security and parking guidance systems.

Jennifer Whitaker

Acting Manager, Communications and Customer Service

Jennifer oversees the Communications and Customer Service team, who are responsible for providing front-line support for monthly contract customers, ParkPlus customers and administering the residential parking permit program. Her team also handles media and social media relations, internal and external communications, website content support and community relations.

Kathy Lidbury

Manager, Human Resources

Kathy’s role involves supporting management and employees in any human resources related duties. Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining HR policies, recruitment, employee benefits, employee training, and wellness programs.

Joan Hay

Manager, Enforcement

Joan heads up the Enforcement department, which enforces parking regulations on behalf of The City of Calgary. Enforcement is responsible for the customer solutions centre, administrative reviews, issuing parking tickets and the municipal Impound Lot. In addition to overseeing these areas, Joan is also heavily involved in special projects and policy development.

Richard Simpson

Manager, Sales and Marketing

Richard leads the Sales and Marketing team responsible for selling and implementing the ParkPlus System. He brings a wealth of experience in relationship building and sales, both critical pieces to our success in moving our homegrown technology forward as a product of choice. To find out more about the marketing of the ParkPlus System, visit www.getparkplus.ca

Jared Foulds

Controller/Manager of Financial Services

Jared’s role involves finalizing the budgets, monthly reports, year-end reports and financial statements. Jared’s Financial Services team assists in key areas of business management, budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and revenue objectives.

CPA Gives

Our CPA Gives committee is made up of volunteer staff members who organize fundraising events and initiatives with a focus on eight charities that were chosen for 2017 based on input from our staff. These charities were:

The CPA Gives committee organized 28 fundraisers throughout the year, including a Leadership Team pie throw, a Charity Carnival, a food drive, a silent auction and more. In total, over $18,000 was raised for these eight deserving charities and over 450 hours were contributed by our staff volunteers.

Community Giving

The Calgary Parking Authority sponsors a variety of charitable organizations and programs each year as we look for ways to contribute to making Calgary a better place to live. Here are some of the community initiatives CPA contributed to in 2017.

We also like to get out and about each year and connect with Calgarians face-to-face. Read on for some of the ways our staff were involved in the community this year.

The CPA is dedicated to promoting public awareness and education around parking-related issues. Check out some of the campaigns we held in 2017.