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The Calgary Parking Authority believes in this community and strives to make it better for Calgarians every single day.

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This is the CPA

The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is a team of professionals focused on building stronger communities by providing exceptional parking experiences. The CPA fulfills The City of Calgary’s parking mandates and implements the municipality’s parking policies by managing on- and off-street public parking facilities, enforcement programs and providing parking advisory services.

This is the CPA

The Calgary Parking Authority: Offering So Much More than Parking

At the CPA, we manage the administration of the Residential Parking Permit program, municipal parking enforcement and the municipal Impound Lot. We also provide expert parking and enforcement advice to businesses, community groups and the provincial government.

Our team develops and operates leading-edge technology to provide parking services without using any municipal tax revenues. Our in-house application developers create agile options for our customers and clients. This allows us to pivot quickly and offer parking solutions that strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

This is CPA

Progressive and forward-thinking approach

The approach we take to operate and plan for the future is recognized internationally. Each year we strive to deliver strong value to The City of Calgary and its citizens by being good stewards of public resources, offering a positive presence in the community and innovating to continually improve.

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Rethink to Thrive

In July 2021, City Council made the decision to fully integrate the CPA into The City of Calgary as part of ongoing work to transform the organization under the Rethink to Thrive strategy.

This new structure will allow us to contribute to vibrant, safe and accessible communities by managing and administering parking resources as one City team, providing better value to citizens and the business community.

We are unique compared to other parking providers as our overall parking revenue is invested back into The City of Calgary which funds projects like recreation centres, pathways and libraries. We also support communities through the Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program which stipulates how parking payments are reinvested back into the areas they were collected from.

Parking impacts how all citizens live, work and play in our city, and is an important part of the overall transportation system. A well-designed parking system that manages available street space effectively will improve traffic flow and enhance street conditions whether you walk, wheel, drive or take transit. We will continue to modernize our parking technology and conduct sustainable parking operations to make life better every day for Calgarians.

Calgary Parking Authority
Report to the Community

A Message from the General Manager

The Calgary Parking Authority has continued to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to rapidly evolving times over 2021 and 2022. Notable milestones include the opening of the Platform Parkade, the launch of the CPA Contact Centre, and a continued focus on initiatives that benefit the communities we serve such as the CPA Sponsorship Program.

A major milestone for the CPA and The City of Calgary occurred in July of 2021 with Council’s decision to fully integrate CPA's operations into The City as part of ongoing work to transform the organization as part of the “Rethink to Thrive” strategy. Since it was founded more than fifty years ago, the CPA has continued to be part of The City but operating on various levels as a separate organization. The new structure will move the CPA to an embedded services model that will help improve how we work together, as one team, to deliver parking services. The new structure will also help us to continue to be innovative, adaptable, and collaborative while we streamline our operations, reduce silos and provide better value to our citizens, customers and communities. The CPA’s strong culture of working with local businesses and building community will continue to strengthen The City as a whole.

I look forward to the great things that the CPA team will bring in the coming years in providing parking services to Calgarians. Our focus on employee health and wellness, continuous improvement, efficient investment, and safety will guide our work as we integrate into the City organizational structure. I want to thank all of CPA’s employees for their continued resilience, dedication and hard work.

Chris Blaschuk

Chris Blaskchuk

Chris Blaschuk