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The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is a team of professionals who are building stronger communities by providing exceptional parking experiences. The CPA fulfills The City of Calgary’s parking mandates and implements the municipality’s parking policies by managing on- and off-street public parking facilities, enforcement programs and providing parking advisory services.

The CPA manages the administration of the Residential Parking Permit program, municipal parking enforcement and the municipal Impound Lot. We also provide expert advice about parking and enforcement to businesses, community groups, The City and the provincial government.

The CPA also develops and operates leading-edge technology to provide parking services, without using any municipal tax revenues. The CPA has positioned itself as a leader in parking technology and innovation, and products and enforcement services are used by other municipalities, as well as organizations and businesses to help them manage their parking resources and better serve their customers.

Every dollar the CPA collects that exceeds its operational costs is returned to The City of Calgary. Last year the CPA returned $24.6M.

About Calgary Parking Authority
Glen Furtado


I am very proud of the Calgary Parking Authority team and the 2019 successes we achieved while serving Calgarians and our stakeholders. Supporting the CPA’s three strategic pillars:

  1. Innovating to Improve
  2. Planning for the Future
  3. Meeting the Parking Needs in the Communities We Serve

There is much we accomplished together for, and with our stakeholders.

The CPA returned a record $24.6 million to The City of Calgary in 2019 despite the economic downturn that continued to challenge our city. Our success is the direct result of dedicated efforts by our more than 250 employees and responsible guidance by the CPA Committee.

Thank you to the loyal customers who choose to park with us and play a role in ensuring that every dollar generated above our operating costs is returned to The City of Calgary to fund important community initiatives such as parks and libraries.

Together with our partners the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) and Platform Calgary, we celebrated the start of 2019 with the ground-breaking of construction on the 9th Avenue Parkade. This innovative structure will be home to over 500 covered parking stalls in support of several award-winning facilities surrounding City Hall including the new Central Library and Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre.  We are a proud partner in the revitalization of the East Village and look forward to opening this forward-thinking facility to all Calgarians by mid-2021.

Significant enhancements were made to the Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program in 2019. We introduced improvements to the MyParking App that allowed residents with visitor permits to start and stop visitor parking sessions quickly and conveniently on their cell phones. Demonstrating the CPA’s commitment to customer experience, this was an enhancement that residents asked for and one that we were excited to develop and deliver.

The CPA’s Community Sponsorship Program also saw enhancements,including a focus on transportation and mobility related projects exclusivelythis year. This allowed the CPA to promote our focus on safe and equitable parking options, while also bringing awareness to some amazing local groups and the noteworthy contributions they have made in the communities we serve. We are proud to have provided a total of $33,000 in funding to 19 local grassroots groups that share our love for this city and echo our commitment to making it a great place to live, work, play, and park!

When I reflect on the CPA’s many accomplishments in 2019, the common thread is a strong focus on customer service. This focus is reflected in our 2019 customer satisfaction survey results, where fully 95% of respondents rated the CPA services as either good or very good. The CPA customers come in many different forms-- downtown office workers with monthly passes, Residential Parking Permit users, bike commuters, and MyParking App users --and we value them all. We recognize that Calgarians have options when it comes to parking and we are grateful to be their parking provider of choice.

At the time of this report, we find ourselves under extraordinary and challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we have done so many times before, Calgarians will persevere and come back stronger than ever, and the CPA will be there to support our city’s return. In the meantime,we continue to adapt to the evolving landscape while keeping the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the citizens of Calgary our top priority.  

Thank you to the citizens of Calgary for your support in making 2019 another tremendous year for the CPA. We look forward to serving you in 2020 and beyond!

Glen Furtado

General Manager
The CPA is not tax-payer funded

In fact, in the past five years, the CPA has returned more than $144 million in revenue and taxes to The City.

The CPA helps support community projects

In 2019, the CPA provided more than $33,000 to community groups and organizations to support 19 different projects related to parking, transportation and mobility through our Sponsorship Program.

The CPA helps The City fund projects

The revenue we remit to The City funds projects like recreation centres, pathways and libraries.

John Pantazopoulos



Alberta’s economy continued to struggle in 2019 amidst low energy prices and decreased outside investment in our province. As the energy sector epicentre, Calgary was impacted with job losses and a tightening market. In turn, the CPA faced the strains of decreased demand while trying to maintain market share in an increasingly competitive parking industry. Although faced with an extremely difficult economic environment, through hard work, a focus on costs and meeting the needs of Calgarians, the CPA was able to return a record $24.6 million back to the City in support of building a better Calgary.

With a focus on technology and innovation, the CPA delivered welcome enhancements to the Residential Parking Permit program and expanded its reach with the MyParking App. Through investment in our technology development, the MyParking App ratings across both iOS and Android platforms increased significantly as it continues to grow in popularity with Calgarians who appreciate the convenience and functionality. The ability to provide a safe, contactless payment option during the COVID-19 pandemic is beneficial and we will continue to promote the app in support of ensuring safety and convenience during uncertain times.

The CPA continued to be a valued partner in supporting The City of Calgary’s Transportation plan. We played an important role by providing parking enforcement to ensure the success of city-wide initiatives such as street sweeping and snow bans. In 2019, the CPA once again provided support along the Stampede Parade route and participated in a variety of community and charity events.

One of the ways the CPA has succeeded in engaging with Calgarians is through the Community Sponsorship Program. In its second year, the CPA was able to provide funding to 19 individual community initiatives in 2019. We were impressed with the creativity and innovation of the winning projects and we are proud to play a role in building a better community.

In 2019, the CPA focused efforts on enhancing our customer experience. In addition to improving technology and ensuring safe, convenient parking options, we looked for ways to increase public awareness of bylaws. One of the changes made was renaming the enforcement division to “Parking Safety and Compliance”. The name change signifies a shift to focus on safety, education, and finding new ways to engage with citizens while building a better CPA.

As we entered 2020, our world will be forever changed due to the Global COVID-19 pandemic. While the future is less clear than it was several months ago, the CPA is committed to providing best in class service, value and continuing to provide a meaningful financial return to The City of Calgary. Whatever the future may bring, the CPA is ready to meet the needs of Calgarians!

On behalf of the Committee, I want to congratulate all the CPA employees on another successful year and thank them for their dedicated efforts and commitment to serving the citizens of Calgary. We look forward to serving with you in 2020 to ensure we continue to build a better city, a better community, and a better CPA.

John Pantazopoulos


Charmaine Coutinho

Charmaine Coutinho

Andrew Osis

Charmaine Coutinho

Jeff Davison


Charmaine Coutinho

Shahid Qureshi

Vice Chair

Charmaine Coutinho

Ellen Chidley

Charmaine Coutinho

Sean Chu


Charmaine Coutinho

Michael Thompson

GM Transportation

Charmaine Coutinho

John Kwong

Charmaine Coutinho

Leadership Team

Glen Furtado

General Manager

Glen joined the Calgary Parking Authority in 2018. Glen brings a wealth of experience to the CPA as an engineer with over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Glen values collaborative teams, positive work environments, and a customer-centric approach, with a focus on delivering thoughtful, effective and innovative customer solutions. As General Manager, Glen reports directly to the CPA Committee and City Council.

Dale Wannamaker

Manager, Operations & Facilities

Dale manages the department responsible for parking operations, facilities development and maintenance, and planning and marketing for all on and off-street parking at the CPA. His team is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of all physical assets, maximizing use of all parking facilities and ensuring the CPA provides first-rate parking experiences for our customers.

Alex Paredes

Manager, IT & Technical Services

Alex and his team oversee the various systems and programs used by the CPA to operate the ParkPlus System and provide technical services to the CPA as an organization. They are also responsible for servicing the ParkPlus pay machines and assist in maintaining the CPA's security and parking guidance systems so all customers are able to park safely and efficiently.

Shelley Trigg

Manager, Communications & Customer Service

Shelley has worked at the CPA since 2004 and oversees the customer service team who provide front-line support for monthly contract customers, ParkPlus customers and Calgary residents who require Residential Parking Permits. Her communications team also handles media and social media relations, internal and external communications and website support.

Kathy Lidbury

Manager, Human Resources

Kathy joined the CPA in 2013. The staff behind the CPA is what Kathy and her team are passionate about. Her role involves supporting management and employees in any human resources related duties. Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining HR policies, recruitment, employee benefits, employee training,and wellness programs.

Guy Gusdal

Manager, Parking Safety & Compliance

Guy joined the CPA in January 2020 as Manager Parking Safety and Compliance where he oversees the department that enforces parking regulations on behalf of The City of Calgary and includes the mobile patrol bylaw officers, customer solutions centre, and administrative review team, which handles the issuance of tickets via our automated enforcement system.

Moe Houssaini

Manager, Parking Solutions

As the Manager of Parking Solutions, Moe is responsible for all growth initiatives related to the commercialization of the ParkPlus System. The ParkPlus System is currently operational in several Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Sylvan Lake and Saskatoon. To learn more about parking management opportunities with ParkPlus, please visit the Get ParkPlus website at and follow @getparkplus.

Jared Foulds

Controller/Manager, Financial Services

Jared joined the CPA in 2018. His position involves finalizing budgets, monthly reports, year-end reports and financial statements. Jared and his team ensure the CPA runs efficiently so it can ultimately return money to The City to reinvest in Calgary. Jared's Financial Services team assists in key areas of business management, budget management, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting and revenue objectives.

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