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Supporting Calgary

Like many, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made for an impactful year for the CPA. Work From Home orders meant that many of our employees had to make things work remotely. However, most of our workforce remained on the frontlines to ensure our operations ran smoothly and safely, primarily in the Contact Centre, Operations & Facilities, the Impound Lot, IT and Parking Safety & Compliance. The continued dedication of CPA employees to the organization and our customers has been remarkable.

Free 15 Minutes of Parking On-street

While the call to stay home was necessary to fight the spread of the virus and flatten the curve, it resulted in significant impacts to the economy and crippling effects on small businesses in our city.

To help ease the impact on businesses that had pivoted to a pick-up or delivery model, The City of Calgary and the Calgary Parking Authority introduced 15 minutes of free on-street parking in Calgary’s Business Improvement Areas and Business Revitalization Zones throughout 2021. This provided convenient curbside access for customers and delivery vehicles and supported local businesses’ increased demand for short-term parking.

"As a small business owner, it has increased the ease of takeout service for our customers and made a difference in our business., says Jacqueline Warrel, owner/operator Brasserie Kensington, Wine Bar Kensington and Container Bar

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre Vaccination Clinic

The CPA also joined in supporting a large-scale public COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the TELUS Convention Centre in collaboration with The City of Calgary, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC).

To help with ease of access for the public attending the clinic, the Calgary Parking Authority provided 90 minutes of free parking at the Convention Centre Parkade to clinic attendees.

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Telus Convention Centre
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Building a Better Community

Mobile Clinic

Following the success of the CTCC public vaccination program, the CPA partnered with The City of Calgary and the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) in September 2021 to create a six-month Mobile Vaccination Site Program.

The purpose was to provide a mobile option for Calgarians to obtain a COVID vaccine by bringing the convenience of the clinic to their neighbourhood and to assist residents who faced obstacles or accessibility issues accessing vaccines.

The CPA partnered to ensure ease of parking for the mobile vans throughout the city. Almost 8,000 residents participated in the program.

Mobile Clinic