Building a Better CPA

The CPA embarked on a strategy to improve efficiency and enhance the customer service experience.

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Building A Better Calgary Parking Authority

On March 15, 2021, we launched the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) Contact Centre, a centralized customer service delivery model to support multiple areas of customer service and contact channels. The newly created contact centre allows resources to shift as needed to address demand. This provides flexibility and the improved efficacy associated with increased scale.

Customers continue to be encouraged to use the CPA’s convenient online service offerings while continuing to receive in-person support at the Impound Lot location if needed. Through cross-training, customer service team members at the Impound Lot are able to handle all in-person customers, leaving the team at our contact centre to focus their time on answering customer emails and phone calls. This fast tracked cross-training between the different customer facing groups allowed the team to enhance the documentation of the various services provided and capture the details of customer service procedures for improved future efficiency.

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The team developed and set up a new phone tree so customers and staff would benefit from a streamlined experience. A catalog of customer service training materials was created to make onboarding and training a seamless experience. The team also moved to a new space that offered existing infrastructure and accessibility. The space was upgraded, and plexiglass was installed to ensure the Contact Centre team could be located together (when safely allowed and following pandemic safety protocols) to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Customer Service

Creating a new contact centre is a difficult task; however, developing and launching one during a global pandemic was a tremendous undertaking and milestone accomplishment that could not have been done without the support and hard work of CPA staff across the organization.

The team at the CPA has a passion for providing exceptional customer service. The culture within the Contact Centre has been described as very positive with everyone exhibiting great collaboration and teamwork and utilizing their expertise to assist their teammates.

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Customer Experience

Every Customer Service Experience Counts: Check out 2021 by the numbers

As we work to fulfill The City of Calgary’s parking mandates, manage on- and off-street public parking facilities, and provide enforcement and parking advisory services, our Contact Centre team provides  support for monthly contract holders, ParkPlus customers and Calgary residents with Residential Parking Permits. We are here for our customers.
In 2021, our Contact Centre team responded to and processed:

46,825 Emails
25,699 Residential Permit Program applications
74,437 Phone calls
Service Excellence

CPA Contact Centre Team Recognized for Customer Service Excellence

Our CPA Contact Centre team was recognized with an award at the 2021 Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association (GTACC) Virtual Customer Service Excellence Awards! Congratulations to the team for continuously providing excellent customer service!

Excellence Awards